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Stealth Watering System

The Stealth Watering System™ is the best battery watering system on the market for light duty, smaller applications. It makes battery watering safe, easy and affordable and incorporates many unique features that make it the best in its class and the most convenient to install.  It fills an industrial battery in one tenth the time of hand watering, which means that these systems typically pay for themselves in under a year.   For example, a typical 25 battery account will save $7,000 per year in labor (at $20 per hour) when using the Stealth Watering System instead of hand watering.   These savings are only for labor and do not include the benefits of longer battery life and run time due to correct battery watering.   The system also improves safety since it prevents exposure to electrolyte while filing.  
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Injector Watering System

Injector (High Pressure) Watering System

The Water Injector System™ is the world’s fastest and most reliable way to add water to industrial batteries. Filling a battery takes just 15 seconds, which means that you can fill 8 batteries in the time that it takes to fill 1 battery with other systems! There are two versions of the system available to meet your needs: the Water Injector Classic System™ and the Water Injector Spider System™. Both systems feature legendary reliability and speed of fill but differ in the way that the water is delivered to each Injector valve and the way they fit on top of the battery. 
The system also improves safety and environmental cleanliness. There is no need to peer into cells to inspect levels as with manual filling. And water Injectors automatically fill each cell to the correct level, so there is no overfilling and no electrolyte spillage during charging.  Did you know that each time a battery boils over it loses 3% of its capacity?   That equates to 15 minutes of run time for each and every boil over!  And the only way to recover the capacity is to perform an expensive acid equalization process, which typically costs more than the Water Injector System
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Battery Watering Gun

The world's best selling battery watering gun!
No battery room should be without this essential maintenance tool. Simply connect the Battery Watering Gun to a standard water hose or a Deionizer, put the tip of the gun into the cell and squeeze the ergonomic handle. The mechanism will automatically shut off at exactly the right electrolyte level. The reliable Philadelphia Scientific Battery Watering Gun speeds up battery watering, improves filling accuracy, and improves operator safety. It also saves money; compared to hand watering, our battery watering gun reduces labor costs up to $150 a year for each 18-cell battery. It’s no wonder that our watering guns have been the world's most popular battery maintenance tool since 1983.
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