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Controlled Flux  (1 PHASE)

ForzaTek X3 Controlled Flux Charger (1 PHASE)

The X3 Series Charger by ForzaTek brings European
technology, without the high cost "bells & whistles" of
many chargers available today. The X3 is a fully automatic
charger with the "WA" charge profile, and automatic
equalization. With an LED state of charge gauge, the
charger allows you to simply see your batteries state
through the charging process. This workhorse is ideal for
light - medium duty applications.

• Wa charging profile suitable for single shift operation
• Automatic equalizing
• Flux disperse power transformer class F
• Charging profile controlled by microprocessor
• Input voltages available: Single Phase 208-240Vac ± 5% 60Hz
• Cabinet protection degree: IP20

• Automatic start, charging process and shut off
• Final charging stage: Temporal , Capacitive (Charging factor %
and Ah accumulated),
• Derivative dV/dt. Adjustable in respect of battery usage
• Advanced visualisation by 5 leds /Date storage memory

• Reverse polarity protection: fuse
• Flux dispersion power transformer provided with thermal probes
• Double security timer: gassing point / max charging duration.
• Additional thermal protection based on algorithm managed by
the electronic board

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