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with Pulse Technology  (3 PHASE)

ForzaTek X5 Charger

with Pulse Technology  (3 PHASE)

The X5 Series Charger by ForzaTek brings
everything the X3 series offer, with some
additional features. The X5 Charger utilizes "Pulse
Technology" for the final stage of charging, which
not only fully charges the battery more efficiently,
it also fully mixes the electrolyte to prevent
sulfating and stratification. The X5 series charger
also offers a digital display, with the ability to
customize the charger to your application.

• W0 Pulse charging profile suitable for multiple shift operation
• Automatic equalizing
• Flux disperse power transformer class H
• Profile controlled by microprocessor
• Input voltages available: Threephase 208-240-480 ± 5% 60Hz /
600Vac ± 5%.
• Cabinet protection degree: IP20

• Automatic start, charging process and shut off
• Final charging stage: Pulse
• Advanced visualisation by 5 leds + DISPLAY for programming
and diagnostic / Equalizing setting /Date storage memory /Timer
• Delayed start to avoid sparks

• Reverse polarity protection: fuse
• Flux dispersion power transformer provided with thermal probes
• Double security timer: gassing point / max charging duration.
• Additional thermal protection based on algorithm managed by
the electronic board

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