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The Future of Motive Power

Built to the highest safety, design and manufacturing standards, the HAWKER FLEX® Li3 battery is the premium Lithium-ion (Li-ion) offering to power your material handling vehicles. It is offered in multiple sizes and configurations, and integrated with innovative battery management technology to deliver intelligent flexible power that is not only reliable but increases productivity and profitability across lift truck operations.

Features & Benefits of the HAWKER FLEX® Li3 Lithium-Ion Forklift Battery: 

  • Highest quality lithium technology and support from the world's largest industrial battery manufacturer.

  • Built with the highest standards and safety redundancies.

  • Designed to meet CE and UL standards (UL 2580 and the new EN1175:2020).

  • Battery management system (BMS) designed using stringent Automotive Functional Safety Standard ISO 26262:2011 meeting Automotive Safety Integrity Level C (ASIIL C).

  • Utilizes the highest quality of cells negating the need for active balancing which other suppliers employ.

  • CAN bus communication.

  • Comprehensive Battery Management System (BMS) to protect your asset from over discharging and provide SoC control for additional performance benefits.

  • Employs a modular concept, enabling scalability for additional capacity. 

  • Identical modules are used in both motive and reserve applications. At the end of motive life, modules may be re-purposed as reserve power.

  • Suitable for all applications.

  • Ideal for all opportunity and fast charging applications.

  • Outstanding cycle life.

  • Virtually maintenance free.

  • Audible and visible state of charge (SoC) status.

  • Laser welded cells and rugged construction.

  • Large format prismatic cell technology delivers higher reliability.

  • Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC) chemistry for high volts per cell (VPC).

  • Software control design incorporates innovative electronic systems that further improve performance, safety, and sustainability.

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Hawker LI3 Video

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