Tubion Industrial Battery


The Tubion Industrial Battery ensures maximum run-times through
European tubular technology. The Tubion Battery is manufactured
using nonwoven gauntlets to ensure maximum paste retention to keep
you running longer. With fully isolated intercell connectors, and
patented terminal sealing construction, the Tubion battery is a great
alternative to traditional costly flate-plate products. Ask us today
if the Tubion Battery is right for your application. 


• Flip top plugs with special electrolyte level indication.
• Automatic watering systems are available.
• Flexible, fully isolated connector prevents any creeping current.
• Containers and lids are made of polypropylene (PP), with excellent impact resistance.
• Patented terminal sealing construction fully prevents plate growth and electrolyte leakage.
• Nonwoven protective gauntlet, better elastic, less pore size, less electrical resistance and higher air permeability.
• Advanced quality microporous catercorner separator which provides lower electrical resistance.


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