Service Calls

Motive Energy Systems offers professional on-site service calls to get your business back up and running!  On-Site services include battery & charger inspections, battery cell replacement, battery acid neutralization, and any other miscellaneous battery / charger related issue.


As a member of the Canadian Battery Association, Motive Energy Systems is a fully certified battery recycler with accreditation from all governing bodies associated with responsible recycling procedures.  

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Preventative Maintenance

If you take care of your batteries, your batteries will take care of you!

With several customizable PM (preventative maintenance) options for your budget and applications, we can help protect your investment.   A proper PM program will pay for itself several times over the life of the battery.   Regardless of make and model of battery or charger, we are fully trained to maintain all makes. 


 Has your battery been sitting idle for a long period of time and now will not take a charge?  Is the top of your battery full of corrosion causing ground faults?  Did you accidently over fill the battery, and electrolyte flooded?  With several different scenario's that may have occurred, other battery companies may be quick to "write-off" your battery to sell you a replacement.  We can evaluate if your current battery can be reconditioned, to give you back your performance without sacrificing a large investment!

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Motive Energy Systems offers a plethora of service options in order to get your operation running efficiently and effectively.  Please select a service option below that best serves you!