Automatic Watering Systems

With a single point watering system, you can take the guess work out of the equation.  The battery is filled to the EXACT ideal level - every time.  Not only does this free up employee's labor hours, it also ensure the battery is receiving optimal water levels.  Add the battery monitor with the Stealth System, and only add water when the LED blinks red.

Water Deionizer System

Hard water in your home or warehouse drinking supply is usually perfectly fine for drinking. The minerals found in hard water — primarily calcium and magnesium carbonates — are not harmful to humans. In fact, they are beneficial.  But those same minerals are extremely harmful to industrial batteries and are a leading cause of poor battery performance. The minerals in hard water affect cell voltages and increases self-discharge.  The result?  Shortened battery run time and reduced battery life.

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Battery Watering Monitors

A large problem with battery maintenance is knowing when to fill batteries with water. Without indication, operators often need to devise watering schedules or carry out periodic inspections to maintain the batteries. Watering monitors dramatically improve battery maintenance by intelligently alerting personnel when a battery needs water — and when it does not. 

Battery Handling Equipment

With battery rollers, extractors, and all other accessories for battery rooms.

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