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Redefining Industrial Batteries...

Motive RF Reconditioned Industrial Battery

Motive Energy Systems Certified Reconditioned Industrial Batteries undergo a rigorous conditioning, de-sulfating, neutralizing, acid calibration & digital testing process in order to deliver guaranteed performance for light/medium duty applications.

Douglas Legacy High Performance Battery

The advantages of premium quality materials and engineering know-how are built into every Legacy High Performance battery to give you the most effective capacity and voltage for the long run.

Douglas Legacy Low Maintenance Battery

The Legacy® Low Maintenance battery delivers the power and cycle life associated with a standard flooded battery, but with lower maintenance costs. Our proprietary hybrid grid alloys allow extended watering intervals up to 90 days apart, and our separators and internal construction reduce gassing associated with water loss

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New Tubion Mid-Range Industrial Battery

The Tubion Industrial Battery ensures maximum run-times through European tubular technology. With fully isolated intercell connectors, and patented terminal sealing construction, the Tubion battery is a great alternative to traditional costly flat-plate battery products.

Douglas Legacy Opportunity Charge Battery

The Legacy® Opportunity Charge Battery is designed for opportunity charging applications where the battery is charged at any given down time or “opportunity” throughout the day.

Douglas Legacy Rapid Charge Battery

Rapid charging pushes a battery to its design limits, requiring three times the standard charging rates and up to double the normal daily ampere hour (Ah) throughput. The Legacy® Rapid Charge battery is built to withstand these demands

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