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Battery Boss WC

Advanced Wireless Battery Data Management

The Battery Boss® WC is a comprehensive compact wireless electronic device that attaches to the battery and monitors the battery based on voltage, capacity, temperature, and state of charge. It can provide the following data:

  • Battery identity, age, type, and serial number

  • Number of cycles

  • Total discharge time

  • Equalization charges completed or omitted

  • Total rest time

  • Record of abnormal operating temperatures

  • Low electrolyte (water)

    HAWKER®’s high-frequency, IONIC smart chargers are enhanced when combined with the HAWKER® Battery Boss® WC diagnostic unit. Interfacing with HAWKER®’s LIFESPEED® MOD3, LIFEPLUS® MOD3, and LIFETECH™ MOD1C chargers, the BBWC provides real-time battery parameters wirelessly back to the charger to optimize charging and health of the battery.

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