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Hawker MOD-ifi Mobile App

Asset Management Smart APP

The HAWKER® MOD-ifi smart device APP allows the monitoring of HAWKER® batteries to enable asset management and protection anywhere, any time. Users can setup any Bluetooth enabled smart device to extract data from a HAWKER® Bluetooth enabled Battery BossTM WC (BBWC3 and BBWC4) or HAWKER® Can Data Interface (CDI) to monitor battery usage, maintenance, and health. The HAWKER® MOD-ifiTM smart device APP users can monitor a single battery or a facility’s entire fleet remotely with data gathered and stored via the cloud, and can be shared with others to generate reports.

By providing a convenient and easy-to-read way of viewing a facility’s battery fleet, the HAWKER® MOD-ifiTM smart device APP can help operations protect their assets and promote the best battery maintenance practices to help drive productivity and profitability.

Features & Benefits of the HAWKER® MOD-ifiTM Smart Device APP:
• Available for FREE on Apple APP Store and Google Play Store
• Protect power system assets
• Optimize battery fleet operations
• Bluetooth enabled up to 100ft.
• Easy-to-read reporting format
• May lower Total Cost of Operation (TCO)
• Monitors amp hours (Ah) charged/discharged, temperature, voltage and electrolytic levels, battery warnings and alarms, and State of Charge (SoC)

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